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May Agility Competition Night

Clearly the Royal Wedding and too many Easter eggs has taken its toll as there was a poor turn out for Comp night this month, however, it is quality not quantity that is important!!

Soooooo did people deliver on the quality front.............?

The agility course - A nice course with enough to think about. Some tricky bits where a good understanding of directional commands made for a more flowing run (and save those valuable seconds!) Also, two areas where handler's positioning was crucial to set the dogs up nicely for the next obstacle. (I can say all of this with confidence because I didn't run my dogs!!!)

There were only 5 clears but it was a smashing run by Smudge who finished in third place. Mutley whipped round the course and I was close enough to see the look of disgust and disbelief on his face when he got to the end of the dog walk beautifully, only to find.........NO BLOOMIN TREAT! Mutley came away with second place.

Dave came out of the starting blocks with the determination of a winner and squeezed every second out of Alfie. The determination did spill over a little when he dared to question Chris's marking (Chris only lifted his hand to shield his eyes from the sun!!) A worthy winner!

Results -
1st. Alfie
2nd. Mutley
3rd. Spudge

The Jumping Course - With a hint of helter skelter, it was the kind of course you find yourself questioning "how many times have I taken this jump"?!?. A few more clears on this one and some made it look like a walk in the park.

Mille put in a lovely run and popped in to third place. Alfie finished in second place but the jumping winner was Harvey who 'floated' around the course and flew in to first place with a great run.

Results -
1st. Harvey
2nd. Alfie
3rd. Millie

Mutley won the fun run - a helter skelter course and the Special went to Millie for running well.

Over the years attending agility shows, I have often heard the phrase "If he hadn't .....(broken his start line wait, clipped the pole, missed all his contacts, headed to the burger van)......he would have won the class"! I may have been guilty of this myself in the past!

On this occasion, I would like to make this statement on behalf of one of the competitors.

"If it wasn't for the fact she jumps standard height rather than simply clearing the small as required, Poodie would have definitely been in with a chance"!

Look at the pictures bless her!!!

May Agility Winners
Poodie   Poodie



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