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A Fun Look at June’s Competition Night

Lisa Holmes (and Gromitt)

June’s competition night had arrived
Please make it a nice course we sighed
Lots of people and dogs had come along
All hoping that it wouldn’t go wrong!

At first the agility course didn’t seem too bad
So long as you could run like mad
The last part could make you quite dizzy
We thought as we watched little Lizzie!

The jumping course seemed more tricky
A nasty turn after the tunnel could be sticky
Jeff says there are options to choose
With advice like that how can we lose!

Lots of dogs were going clear
But when they got past the tunnel, oh dear
In the end it all turned out o.k
Every dog will have its day!


Twiglet and Marley were doing great
Until they saw Simon and couldn’t wait
To go and say their hellos
Luckily it didn’t interrupt their flow!

Arvis had a good go at the jumps
Thank goodness he didn’t get the hump
And had not run away in fright
No one had told him it was a competition tonight!

The fun course was a sprint there and back
It really didn’t leave much slack
All of the dogs began to bark
We had to hurry, it was getting dark!

A lovely run for Gill and Milli
Points were scored by Bob and Dilly
Ella was in good form
Princess went clear, as is the norm!

Chaz and Mutley were proclaimed the winners
I hope they went home to nice things for dinner
We will all now wait in eager delight
For next month’s competition night!

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