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Circular Knockout Demonstration
Bledlow Fete
25th June 2011

Well, the night before at training, the weather for this display was not looking too promising! However, as they say, it will be alright on the night and although Saturday morning was cloudy the sun came out by 3pm to show Scallywags off in all their glory.

There were dogs of all shapes and sizes taking part which gave a great demonstration of agility for all. The lady stood next to me did ask if Mutley was actually going to take part and jump those jumps as he was so small. Little did she know! (although the jumps were at full height at the time so I think that she can be forgiven for this!) She later asked Jeff for more info on the classes so I think that she was impressed.

Anyway, to the competition. At this point I will have to apologise if there are any inaccuracies as it all happened so fast and if I tried to take a photo I missed the result and vice versa so I may have got in a bit of a muddle!

We had 2 speedy dogs to start us off. Kia just pipped Harvey to the post, both with clear rounds.

We had a matching(ish) pair as Bobbie and Saffy took centre stage, Saffy had the least faults and took this round. Saffy was then cheering on her daughter as she watched CoCo go through against Moss.

Alfie and Spudge were the first medium dogs to run and Alfie won this super speedy round with Spudge not very far behind him.

Next to go were Lizzie and Fudge. Lizzie took it all in her stride. Fudge found it all super exciting, and found the people and food around the ring a little too tempting which slowed him down a little so Lizzie went through to the next round.

Some Sibling rivalry next (amongst owners, not dogs) as George and Millie went head to head. Despite a very furtive glance around her on the A frame Millie was home clear and went through.

The two Veterans (dogs that is!!) were next to run and Todd was on a mission and went clear to go through against Jade.

Mutley and Robbie were next. Unfortunately Mutley had his mind on other things and thought that it would be more fun to play with Robbie than do the weaves so Robbie went through.

We had a yellow round next as Saffy and Kia took their turn in the quarter final. Saffy made a grand effort but Kia was just too quick. Her daughter CoCo however went through to the semi finals.

Alfie then had a slight reprise over the smaller jumps as he and Millie raced for a place in the semi final and Alfie whizzed through.

We then had a sheltie double as Robbie went against Todd. On this occasion (in the words of commentator Chris) you can’t beat experience as 10 year old Todd went through over 3 year old Robbie.

The tension was mounting as we progressed to the first semi final, Kia and CoCo. CoCo had done fantastically to make it this far in the competition but lightning Kia who seems to fly over the jumps was first across the line.

The second semi final was another Sheltie double as Alfie and Todd fought it out. The fur flew (after all Sheltie’s do have quite a lot of it) and Alfie was through to the final.

So there we have it, our two finalists, Alfie and Kia. As I said Kia does seem to fly over jumps and I’m not sure she actually noticed the medium height jumps in the final round and took it all in her (very long) stride. Alfie despite his smaller stature gave it all he had (with Dave in hot pursuit) but Kia was declared the winner.

Congratulations to Kia and Lisa and all those that took part and demonstrated what a fun, enjoyable and supportive sport that agility is!

Harvey   Kia
Saffy   Alfie
Fudge   Millie



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